Jane Nyawira Ndwiga

Jane Nyawira Ndwiga

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Born 13th January 1988 - Rested 3rd October 2017

The Ndwiga’s family wish to express our heartfelt and sincere gratitude to the Almighty God for the 29 years we shared with our remarkable and loving daughter, sister, auntie, cousin and friend. She was truly a blessing to many. We wish to express our deep appreciation for the prayers, words of comfort, love, physical presence, time, encouragement, financial and emotional support from our immediate and extended families, relatives, in-laws, neighbors, friends and well-wishers who stood by us during the difficult time of demise and final sendoff of our beloved Jane. To the clergy of ACK Kathari and Ciamanda Parishes and all other clergy we thank you immensely for your spiritual nourishment and support that kept us going. We also extend our special gratitude to TENRI-Embu, NENO Sacco, Board Members and staff of National Water, Jane’s current and former colleagues from Trans-Union & Tezza Solutions respectively, former JKUAT collegemates - BSc, Computer Science class of 2010, current JKUAT collegemates, MSc in Project Management – Westlands Campus, Kenyatta University friends, Kyeni Girls class of 1995 and Wendo CBO. Finally, we acknowledge and appreciate the organizing committees both in Nairobi and Embu who worked tirelessly and with dedication to ensure that our beloved Jane had a befitting sendoff. Since it’s not possible to thank everyone who played a role individually, please accept this as a heartfelt expression of our appreciation as a family.


Don’t cry for me. I will be okay. Heaven is my home now, and this is where I’ll stay. Don’t cry for me. I’m where I belong. I want you to be happy and try to stay strong. Don’t cry for me. It was just my time, but I will see you someday on the other side. Don’t cry for me. I am not alone. The angels are with me to welcome me home. Don’t cry for me, for I have no fear. All my pain is gone, and Jesus took my tears. Don’t cry for me. This is not the end. I’ll be waiting here for you when we meet again – Debora Garcia Gaitan.


May God bless you all.

Vuruka  Wega Jani wetu.