Hon. John Joseph Kamotho

Hon. John Joseph Kamotho

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It is already three years since you left us, yet it seems like yesterday.

My Dear J.J., I miss you every day that passes by but I continue to see you in our children and grandchildren. I remain blessed for the decades we had together. 

Dad, we will forever cherish your love and affection, and remain grateful for being a good father. We thank you for your legacy and for your good example of being a parent and a true Kenyan.  

Guka, you are fondly and eternally remembered by your grandchildren: Lisa, Mona, Jaden, Lexy, Cheryl, Curtis, Christie and Eli.

Your brother and sisters and all your other relatives, as well as your numerous friends, miss you, as do the many thousands on whose lives you had such a positive impact.

May God keep you in Eternal Peace in Heaven.

From Your Beloved Family.